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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Las Vegas author reveals how to keep an illicit affair secret

 Las Vegas author reveals how to keep an illicit affair secret
Posted July 22, 2009 • 9:12 a.m.

Nevada Sen. John Ensign, second from right, and his entourage.
Photo: Isaac Brekken
Throughout history, humans have had affairs. Be they love or lust, they often end in disaster, divorce -- and, worst of all, death! Celebrities, politicians and VIPs who see marital merriment turn to madness wind up in the headlines and are pilloried for their dalliances under somebody else’s sheets. We’ve seen adultery almost on a monthly basis this year, including our Nevada Sen. John Ensign, and it has heated up in the past decade like never before.
Now Las Vegas author Lauren Tallman has written the ultimate book How to Have an Affair and Not Get Caught. Lauren explained why she wrote it: “The idea came when I saw so many mistakes being made. I’d catch people lying, and they didn’t think that it showed. Yet they were being so obvious. I often wondered, ‘If I could see it, could their partners see it,’ and I felt sorry for the partner.
“I'm not advocating infidelity, but I understand that people have affairs for a reason, and they need a guide to ensure it’s a safe and beneficial one, in every way. … Only two people should know about the affair -- the two people involved!”

She continued: “When someone chooses to have an affair, the book provides them with strategic methods, ideas and safeguards on how to keep it under wraps. At the same time, it shows them how to keep their relationship with their partner intact. My book focuses on every aspect on how to have an affair and how to prevent anyone from finding out. The decision to have an affair is personal, and it should stay personal. No one else should get involved. Through my book, I’m giving you the power to have a safe affair, safe for you and your family. It’s a two-way street.”
Lauren, who lives in Las Vegas, was born in Lithuania and raised in New York. She had a clean-cut American upbringing, but, from an early age, was wanderlust. That resulted in a pilgrimage to Israel, where she met her future husband. She recalls seeing him for the first time and saying to herself, “I want him!” She returned to New York with him, but they decided later that Israel was home. Lauren admits that it was an incredible experience raising two children and experiencing four wars! She said that inner strength and experience gave her the courage to start writing.
Relocating to Nevada, she ramped up her professional writing -- and now her first major bestseller! To answer the inevitable question of whether Lauren herself had an affair, you’ll have to read her book to find out!
For more about Lauren and her book, go to www.how2haveanaffair.com.
Robin Leach has been a journalist for more than 50 years and has spent the past decade giving readers the inside scoop on Las Vegas, the world’s premier platinum playground.

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