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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Two Cantaloupes

Here are the “True Story” sections in the book about actual events.
Read how to keep yourself from having the same thing happen to you!

One acquaintance who had an affair did her shopping one summer morning but didn’t have a cooler. She left two cantaloupes in the trunk of her car for the entire eight hour workday. It took several service men in a local carwash, and a lot of air freshener to get the smell out. It also took hours of repeated explanations to her husband, who could not understand how melons could make the car smell so badly, thinking she had bought them only an hour before.

Find a grocery that opens early, near or on the way to work. On the days you’re planning your rendezvous, have a list of non-perishables. Try placing the order the night before if you can. That way you can quickly pick up your groceries in the morning and not be late for work…and have the hours you would have been shopping saved for your rendezvous. 

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