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Thursday, December 15, 2016

On our new couch, no less.

'You Finally Have Someone To Speak To"
The letters Lauren received and her advice.

This is about as cliché as it can get but there it was, in front of me. I came home early from work and there they were! On our new couch, no less. What person does that? It was just a tryst, he said. Yah? Well if it was, why didn't they just use the back seat of a car, anywhere but here!  And why didn't he think he could be caught!

Her partner should have read the book! It explains that the best bet is finding a “no-tell motel” which are easily found on the net. They are inconspicuous and charge on an hourly basis. They offer the privacy that most hotels and motels can’t offer. He could have called beforehand to check out rates and ask openly about their privacy policies.

If he had, the one-night-stand would have been just that, one night and forgotten.

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